Getting started with PAGES

Chapter 1 : Fundamentals

1.1 Getting Started

1.1.1 The rulers

1.1.2 Displaying the page layout

1.1.3 Zooming

1.1.4 The toolbar

1.1.5 The thumbnails

1.2 Headers and footers

1.2.1 The header

1.2.2 Inserting the today's date

1.2.3 The footer and numbering

1.2.4 Viewing invisible characters

1.2.5 Inserting a page break

1.2.6 Footer sections and multiple headers

1.3 Margins and indents

1.3.1 Document margins

1.3.2 Indents

1.4 Placing text in columns

1.5 Text formatting

1.5.1 Changing from lower to upper case

1.5.2 Changing the text formatting parameters

1.5.3 Asking for help

1.6 Tables

1.6.1 Inserting a formula

1.6.2 A cell-based Formula

1.6.3 Copying a formula

1.6.4 Calculating with several cells

1.6.5 Simple statistical calculations

1.6.6 Managing rows and columns

1.7 Footnotes

1.8 Bullets and numbers

1.9 The preferences

1.9.1 The General option

1.9.2 The Rulers option

1.9.3 The Auto-correction option

1.10 Printing a document


1.11.1 Adding a comment

1.11.2 Editing a comment

1.11.3 The comments panel

1.11.4 Changing the author's name in the comment

1.11.5 Printing comments

1.12 Tracking changes

Chapter 2 : Styles and table of contents

2.1 Introduction to styles

2.1.1 The different styles

2.1.2 Creating a new style

2.1.3 Deleting a style

2.1.4 Applying a style to a paragraph

2.1.5 Modifying the characteristics of a style

2.1.6 Creating a style from a paragraph

2.2 Workshops

2.2.1 A list with styles

2.2.2 Automatic paragraph numbering

2.3 The table of contents

2.3.1 Inserting a table of contents

2.3.2 Shifting entries in the table of contents

2.3.3 Repositioning page numbers

Chapter 3 : Images and Shapes

3.1 Images

3.1.1 Inserting an image

3.1.2 The image gallery

3.1.3 Manipulating an image

3.1.4 Image styles

3.1.5 An image inside a text

3.1.6 Cropping an image

3.2 Shapes

3.2.1 Lines

3.2.2 The shape icon in the toolbar

3.3 Guides and textboxes

3.3.1 Inserting vertical and horizontal guides

3.3.2 Text boxes

Chapter 4 : Media

4.1 Inserting an audio file

4.2 Inserting an existing video file

4.3 Inserting a web video

4.4 Inserting a link

4.5 Taking a picture from the iPhone

Chapter 5 : Templates

5.1 Template families

5.1.1 The Curricula Vitae templates

5.1.2 The Museum Brochure template

5.1.3 The Business Cards

5.2 Creating a customized template

5.2.1 A template with built-in calculations

5.2.2 A Template with charts

Chapter 6 : Charts

6.1 Types of chart

6.1.1 Inserting a chart

6.1.2 The Chart icon

6.1.3 Chart properties

6.2 Interactive Chart and rotation

Chapter 7 : Questions and Answers

How do you insert a logo on each page of a document that contains 250 pages ?

How to insert a page number ?

How to insert an automatic datation ?

Can I have multiple pages with portrait and landscape layouts in the same document ?

How to have different page numbers for several pages ?

How to create a new page ?

How to delete a page with thumbnails ?

What is the difference between Convert to Page Layout and Convert to Word Processing ?

How do you place a text in columns ?

How to apply the format of a word to an other word ?

How to transform a word into Uppercase ?

How to insert a Drop Cap ?

How to insert a caption for a picture ?

How to align two images vertically ?

How to group several shapes or images ?

How to lock a text box ?

Can a document be shared ?

How to check the spelling of a document ?

Can the computer read the text aloud ?

How to search for a word in a very long document ?

What are bookmarks and how to use them ?