Macros & VBA with Excel

Chapter 1 : Designing macros

1.1 The Developer menu

1.1.1 Tools for manipulating macros

1.1.2 Recording a macro

1.1.3 XLSM type and macro security

1.1.4 Relative or absolute references

1.1.5 Modifying the content of a macro

1.2 Procedures and functions

1.2.1 Writing the code in a procedure Sub

1.2.2 Calling a procedure Sub

1.2.3 The variable scope and dimension

1.2.4 Passing parameters and BMI index

1.2.5 Functions

1.2.6 A macro runned with a button

1.3 The VBA language

1.3.1 The objects

1.3.2 The references

Workshop: Controlling Word with VBA

Workshop: Controlling Powerpoint with VBA

Workshop: Controlling Outlook with VBA

1.3.3 Managing comments with VBA

Workshop: Modifying comment shape

Workshop: Inserting an image into a comment

1.3.4 Working with workbooks

1.3.5 Working with sheets

workshop: Coloring all tabs

workshop: Inserting months name in tabs

workshop: Extracting all sheets to PDF format

1.3.6 Working with cells and range

workshop: Finding the last row of a column

1.3.7 Working with relative Offset and End

Chapter 2 : Control structures

2.1 Loops

2.1.1 For...Next and If...End If

2.1.2 For next and Select Case

2.1.3 For next and If..ElseIf

2.1.4 Do While...Loop

2.2 Searching with the FIND method

2.3 Enumerating objects with a for each loop

2.3.1 Retreiving the sheets name 

2.3.2 Retreiving values from a range

Chapter 4 : Errors handling

4.1 Learning from mistakes

4.1.1 Error examples

4.1.2 The On error goto handler

4.1.3 The error methods

4.1.4 The resume method

4.2 The debug mode

Chapter 5 : Events

5.1 Sheet and workbook events

5.1.1 Sheet events

5.1.2 Workbook events

Chapter 6 : Userforms

6.1 Creating a Userform

6.2 Properties

6.3 Programming a Userform

6.3.1 Searching a name via a Userform

6.3.2 A Userform with ActiveX controls